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Bitdefender is missing malicious sites left and right. How do we report sites?


Hello, There are some serious malware attempts being missed by Bitdefender even in the traffic light section for search on Google Chrome as well as via every other platform. 

In particular, when searching Google search for "transit map design software"

One of the results is:

This site is compromised and will redirect multiple times before landing users on a page with the address:

This page will then prompt users that it wants to send them notifications. However if they were to click ok it would then begin installing a variety of malware and ransomware programs onto a target device.  

I do not have any files for you as I steered clear of that luckily. However, Bitdefender did not recognize either site as malicious and it failed to highlight that search result as unsafe.  

This particular issue is not new with my bitdefender traffic light extension, as well as Bitdefender on Android as well as PC. All have experienced this same occurrence.