Total Security for Android phones

Can "Total Security" be installed on Android phones or only the Bitdefender free app available in Google store?


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    Hi Member,

    Advantages of Total Security :

    1) One key that will work for windows, macOS, IOS, Android.

    2) For windows, it covers all the features available in antivirus plus & internet security plus additional.

    Then, what is the advantage of Total Security for IOS, macOS, Android. It is the key that is the advantage. There is no separate Total Security product for macOS, IOS, Android. For all the other OS you will have to download their respective installer but you can use the key of Total Security to activate those product.

    Now, coming down to your query, as previously said there is no Total Security for Android, but a completely different product for Android called "Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus" which is available on playstore ( & which can get activated by your Total Security key.

    Additionally, the free version for android is also available which is only a malware scanner.



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  • Thank you for clarifying it for me.