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Bitdefender's "New Look"


What no percentage Progress???? It's like watching my computer scan into OBLIVION..... 19 more days I have to resub a yearly license and this is what I can expect from Bitdefender 2021? COVID -19 Pandemic and NOW THIS? REALLY?



  • Coiffure

    was shocked at the interface as the graphics are like from 1980's DOS. This is unacceptable considering the cost and the lack of services that I thought was still being included and are removed like the widget that gives us up to date issues to resolve and we can see it at work.

    But this is like it is being programmed by someone that has no sense. I had to hover over a black box on top of pink background of DOS written code that had the words all covered so if you aren't smart enough to hover over or click, only then could you see what was in the black boxes.

    This really does alarm me about this program now, because they have removed everything that the public bought this service for. What is it now? BASIC at its best. I am disgusted