New vulnerability issues?

I just noticed in Notifications the following vulnerabilities:

"We detected a change in your device's settings that allows users to modify security zone policies. Changing security zone policies may allow restricted pages to execute potentially malicious operations, thus, your device may be at risk".


"We detected a change in your device's settings that allows it to automatically perform sign-in using the last active user after Windows Update restarts. Performing the operation automatically implies saving the Windows user's credentials (including the user name, domain and encrypted password) locally, thus, your device and data may be exposed."

As far as I know, I did not change "security zone policies" or "automatically perform sign in" options .

I fixed the vulnerabilities, along with another one related to media autorun issues.

are these vulnerabilities something that BD is newly scanning for? I just want to make sure that something wasn't changed on my system by some outside malicious entity.


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