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too many bitdefender services in taskmanager


Hey there,

I rencently downloaded BD Antivirus Plus and all it's latest updates. As I opened the task manager, I saw at least 8 Bitdefender programms running at the same time.

  • bitdefender main interface and bitdefender agent (which are normal I reckon)
  • 4x bdservicehost
  • bd network os helper
  • bd redline update (the small ''B''-icon looks weird and sketchy, and not like the others BD icons in taskmanager)
  • Bitdefender Wallet Angent (which I really don't want/ use)

all of these programms eat a good amount of ram storage and it is a bit weird that my task manager is full of these BD-programs running..

My specs: windows 10 x64bit; intel i5 4.gen; 16gb ram; nvidia gtx1650super; 500gb hdd and 230gb ssd.

I would be very happy about an answer!

best reegards