Remove custom scan

I created a custom scan to scan certain files, this is no longer needed but I cannot find where I can remove it, searching both the web and the Bidefender knowledgebase have not given me an answer.


  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    Open the Bitdefender antivirus program -> click the Protection parameter -> Scan -> select your custom scan -> click the three dots next to the "Start scan" inscription -> select "change" or "delete"

  • Hello Alex_A thank you for the answer that is the problem the scan is not being shown but runs every day.

  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    check the task scheduler

    click (win + R) in the run window write (control schedtasks). See tasks related to Bitdefender

  • Many thanks Alex_A I found it there and have now removed it will see again tomorrow but that should do the trick.

  • Hello, the scan has run again today looking in Bitdefender under Antivirus I cannot find the scan listed and no way to delete it, under the Task Scheduler I see two entries for Bitdefender and have attached a screenshot showing them but I do not think that these entries have anything to do with the scan I made.

    Or would it be easier to uninstall the re-install Bitdefender Total Security to remove this.

  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    Please tell me in the "task manager"

    1. Suppose this task is "BitDefender Agent WatchDog"?

    2. What is the second task? (noted in the screenshot)

    Expand the column "file", write the full name of the task

  • Hello Alex_A correct the first entry is Bitdefender Watchdog, I have extended the columns to show the full name.

  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    I cannot say that it will help. Let's try the following: (Win + R icon)

    2. in the run window write (control schedtasks), the "task scheduler" will open,

    3. on the "Bitdefender AgentTask", look at the general description for the task.

    4. In the right column, click "action" open the drop-down tab "selected item"

    5. click in turn the "finish" and "disconnect" buttons

    Check if it helped?

    If it helped, delete this task using the "delete" button in the task scheduler.

  • That didn't help either for the agent Task there is no general description or the watchdog task, is it maybe easier to delete both those entries then re-install Bitdefender Total Security.

  • Hello Alex_A thank you for your help I decided to uninstall Total Security deleted the two entries in the Task Scheduler then reinstalled Total Security and my problem is solved, many thanks for the time trying to help me.

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