Can't Activate Windows with Bitdefender Installed

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Did anyone else find this to be the case? The Windows 10 activation wizard said "can't reach activation servers"... until I uninstalled BitDefender. No big deal, I just reinstalled afterwards, but wasted a few hours trying other fixes.


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    Hi Member,

    As an assumption, if you are using the inappropriate ways to activate your windows like KMS activators or Windows activators, bitdefender will stop you from doing that and even delete the same software since this can create backdoors in the system which can ultimately lead to stealing of your sensitive information.

    If you have a digital license/ original product key bought from microsoft or the windows that is pre installed on a PC/ Laptop at the time of buying a new PC/ Laptop, it should not be an issue.



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  • The Bitdefender software may be causing a conflict with the Windows activation process. In this case, uninstalling it temporarily and then reinstalling it after the activation process is complete can be a solution.

    Another option is to purchase a windows 10 key cheap from a reliable source online. This can help you activate your windows without the need of uninstalling any software. Just make sure to check the authenticity of the website before purchasing.

    It's always good to keep in mind that software conflicts can cause issues with the activation process, so if you're still having trouble activating your Windows 10, it's always a good idea to check for any conflicting software or try using a new product key.