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"found updates" during Vulnerability scan can't clear, Windows 10 refuses-- weeks pass, nada?


I was told by Birdefender support to, in essence, wait for the next "big upgrade" in a week or so, and all my troubles would be gone.

The "trouble" is simply that Vulnerability scans never resolve!

I'm left to wonder just how effective is my security? when a persistent glitch never clears, wtf? AVG is looking better by the week.

Oracle JRE64 has an upgrade; so soap.

Oracle has an upgrade; the tenth duplicate download stands alone ...and fails again.

"Java setup8u271" does its thing , says "all clear"-- but Windows 10 says it's a mis match, time and again.

Nor will the standalone Birdefender remedy (that wants to blame connectivity) do me the least bit of good.

Tech Support insisted these issues would "all come out in the wash" but the soap is shite. Not a happy Camper :-(


  • Teksonik
    Teksonik ✭✭
    edited January 2021

    Many times the Notification window will show "critical windows update available" even though Windows is completely updated or "FireFox update available" but Bitdefender can't figure out it hasn't been updated itself in two or more days. In that case the "auto" update will take an hour to update itself leaving the user with outdated virus definitions and product version.

    It found other updates but didn't realize updates for itself are behind. I've reported this over an over and over since at least 2018.

    The protection Bitdefender Total Security provides is top notch but the program and support are really wonky.

    I've tried just about every other security suite out there so I don't know what other options there are at this point. Just keep putting up with BD TS bugs I guess.