When the VPN server drops connection, the VPN KILLSWITCH feature cuts off your connection to the internet as it should. It claims that once the connection is available, it will reconnected. In fact, it does not reconnect as the internet is disabled.

It forces you to pull up the interface, disable the killswitch, go back to the main panel, click reconnect, and once connected, go back to the KILLSWITCH and reenable it.

IF this is the actual way it should work, the wording that it will automatically reconnect when the connection becomes available needs to be removed. If this is not the correct action, they need to correct it so that it will auto-reconnect.


  • KDM

    Interesting, I've been using Bitdefender for several years on two desktops, a tablet and my cellphone and I never saw any reference to the "killswitch" until I I booted up one of the desktops this morning. I clicked on "close killswitch" or whatever the hyperlink on the VPN window said, hit connect and all was well. I'm wonder what caused this. The computer and router are on an UPS, maybe there was an internet interruption over night? Outside that I'm at a loss. Every this is working fine.