Windows Sandbox

I am trying to use Windows Sandbox on a windows 10 pro machine. The application connects without issue with the firewall disabled , but stops internet connection with it enabled. I have created an rule to allow Windows Sandbox application but it does not work. Any ideas to configure rules to get this work?



  • ienneg
    edited May 2021
    I have the same issue.
    Any help from experts?
  • Hi, because of DHCP server for Sanbox client is disable when firewall is on, here is workaround (each running of sanbox instance)

    • disable firewall (will be down for 30 seconds),
    • run Windows Sandbox
    • check if network configuration was loaded (for ex. run Edge, try find something)
    • // if not - run cmd.exe in Sandbox, type ipconfig /renew, wait for IP configuration, check if gateway has value
    • use Sandbox with network

    I hope Bitdefender expert will find permanent solution. I cannot find way to enable 67,68 UDP (DHCP).