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how to detect and remove infected desktop windows manager (dwm.exe ) ?


current using Bitdefender total security : 

i found out dwm.exe is connecting to and using 2 gb ram, 50 cpu

i suspect is bitcoin miner trojan

Currently using firewall to block dwm.exe connecting to internet for around 3 months but now its manage to auto add rule to access back to internet

Need help how to remove this infected dwm.exe


  • Jojodouglas

    I would take caution in deleting that since that it is almost ram that eats up a certain space when pc is in use. I would mistake it for a common file and it is easy to slip by. Maybe there is more to expect when it comes to the bigger files as well. You can try using an antivirus to confirm if it is really a malware or you are just panicking. Deleting a certain file could mean harm to your pc and allow more virus to take over rather than protect it in the first place as well.