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Windows 10 explorer blinking problem after installing Total Security

edited February 2022 in Install & Updates

Hello eweryone.

I hope you can help me.

So I have a Lenovo laptop and recently my computer was going crazy.

After logging in my desktop/explorer gets constantly blinking.

I was unable to do anything... except calling Task Manager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc but this was freezing with 100% processor usage... Shortly after it exited.

The next thing I could do it was Ctrl+Alt+Del and from this screen I was able to logout, restart etc. BUT after logging-in again, or reboot the whole thing happens again and again... FOREVER.

The only solution was to enter Safe Mode (via intentionally interruption the windows boot sequence 3 times) and uninstall Bitdefender Solutions...

Weird because I didn`t faced this problem before...

I have Windows 10 build 21318 x64.

Best Answer

  • evergap
    Answer ✓

    Try Bit Def123 suggestion of disabling Advanced Threat Defense in the Bitdefender settings. It has worked for me thus far. Thank you @BitDef123 .

    I even restarted the PC and the workaround still holds.

    And yes I'm in the Windows Insider Program too...