Concerns regarding the effectiveness and safety of Bitdefender Safepay


So I'm writing this post since I recently created an account for online-banking. "Neat", I thought, having Bitdefender Safepay pop up, asking me to open the banking site on there. I was a little confused as to how much protection it would actually provide against someone watching/capturing your screen, so I did exactly that: I started a recording with Nvidia GeForce Experience , went onto the site of my bank and opened it in safepay. Low and behold: In the screen recording the whole site, opened in Safepay, was shown.

The weird thing is: If I record the screen with OBS (Studio) the screen just goes black when entering safepay, as it probably should be. Both programs record my screen, not a certain program like the web browser. So maybe, dear Bitdefender team, you should look into this? I will happily provide both videos to you, if needed. Maybe this is caused by Nvidias recording program using certain cores directly on the GPU?

P.S.: I'm using Bitdefender Total Security