BitdefenderVPN feature request



Is there going to be a setting to enable automatic reconnect to the last location connected to or a way to auto-connect to selected a region automatically on start-up released in the future? This would be useful to have as reconnecting it manually every time I restart or start up my PC is frustrating. I know there will always be a small delay between start-up and connecting as that's fairly normal. I switched from ExpressVPN to Bitdefender VPN as I already have Total Security but as a result have now lost both of those functions. Always-on seems to be common with most VPN's now.

There is already an button labelled 'Automatic' to connect to the best location once launched so if there was an simple tick box yes/no to enable the device to rejoin to the last location connected to on start-up then should be fairly straight forward wouldn't it?

If manually selecting one that isn't your default then I guess it's not really needed. If it can't be done through the front end windows 10 app, can it be done via network connectivity settings or by using a scheduled task/command line parameters? Hopefully it's coming soon as I don't want to shop around for another VPN!