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"Suspicious connection blocked"?

edited January 2022 in General Topics
At this moment I am barely typing through notifs interrupting me every 5 seconds.
It's been 2 hours like this, out of a sudden. I type from google chrome because not a single page in Opera (my
main browser) works. On each website I see "your connection to this site is not secure", the "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_SECURE_CONFIG" error and bitdefender errors say "opera.exe tried to connect based on an untrusted certificate from We blocked the connection to keep your data safe as untrusted certificates are issued by unrecognized certification bodies."
I have of course restarted my router, rebooted pc, restarted my IP, cleared dns cache... I have no idea what else to do to fix it. It's unbearable to work with.


  • Mines been doing this also but with Chrome.

    Suspicious connection blocked

    2 minutes ago


    Online Threat Prevention

    chrome.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an untrusted certificate to We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since untrusted certificates are issued by unrecognized Certificate Authorities.

    It just pops up over and over until I add the exemption but it's hard to tell if it's a bad thing to add the exceptions.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @JohnHolmes85,

    Please check the below article for steps on how to stop this type of notification:

    Let us know how it goes.


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