Bitdefender firewall over Windows?


Hey, we have just started setup Bitdefender GZ and will start rolling out to clients soon and I was wondering if you guys recommend the Bitdefender firewall over Windows?

Windows firewall is pretty good and within our RMM we have automation to notify us if its Windows Firewall is disabled which has worked well. I guess the downside is we cant manage the Windows firewall without a GPO so maybe not the best idea.

Whats peoples thoughts on using Bitdefender Firewall over Windows???


  • I've seen an issue with some versions of the Bitdefender firewall where Windows will keep reporting to the user that the Firewall is turned off Users were opening tickets because they were getting popups from windows security. I suggest you run some tests to see if this applies to the version of Bitdefender you are considering.

  • jigar7
    I've been using BD since 2014 and since the past 2-3 years, I have noticed that the firewall rules keep resetting randomly every 2-3 times in a week and it is frustrating. Will make the switch once this current subscription is over and maybe just keep the antivirus part and jump to GlassWire for firewall. The subscription is expensive but has got good reviews. BitDefender has never bothered to fix this firewall resetting issue since years now.