Firewall exclusion for IIS (HTTP/HTTPS); Bitdefender Total Security (ver. 25.0)

I have issue on Bitdefender firewall to exclude IIS or more detail to exclude block on port HTTP/HTTPS (80/443). I've tried add exclusion by custom rules for both ports with configuration:

Network: Any Network

Protocol: 6. TCP

Traffic: Both

Ports: 80/443

IP: Any

Access: Allow

As shown on attached image. But there's no luck on adding exclusion for HTTP/HTTPS, it seem that Bitdefender Firewall hardcode (proxy) the port 80/443 so that cannot be added to firewall exclusion. The only way I can allow my IIS HTTP/HTTPS request is to totally disable the firewall, but I don't want to totally disable the firewall (it's not make sense to make the machine vulnerable just for two ports).

Is there any solution to allow firewall exclude ports that we want to exclude?