Remote Desktop has stopped working


I have remote desktop software installed on my computer and it was working well while I had Bitdefender Internet Security Installed. I then upgraded to Total Security, and then my remote desktop functionality stopped working.

When I uninstall Bitdefender Total Sec, then everything works 100%. So this is NOT a Windows problem. When I reinstall Total Security, it will work for sometime, but then all of a sudden stop working. I cannot keep uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

Please advise if there is a rule that i need to allow RDP to work again or what is the route to follow?



  • I have Bitdefender antivirus free and Windows Pro Home on two PCs. RDC does not work while Bitdefender is running. If I go into Bitdefender settings and turn protection off it works fine. I think it's a certificate issue, although can't confirm because I haven't found the proper location to store it.

  • i have the same issue, can you reponse, please