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BitDefender VPN United States Connection Locations Need To Be Known

When I connect to the BitDefender VPN using the option "United States" it is connecting to some location in the USA but that information is not shared with us. When I sign into websites using a password manager and am prompted to enter my master password to gain access, I will eventually receive an email from the password manager company indicating someone tried to use my master password in North Carolina or elsewhere. I have no way of knowing if this was me or someone else using my master password because I don't know the VPN connection location.

Now I am wondering, what was the reason to withhold the U.S. VPN location from subscribers?

Also, is BitDefender affiliated in any way with the CIA, DARPA, or any other intelligence agencies? That's a fair question considering all of the deception that has befallen the human race as a result of Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons. The natural human reaction here is to chuckle but this is very real and it's very serious. The entire human race is under attack by these Freemasons and it can be proven. Is there any link whatsoever from BitDefender to one of these intelligence agencies or Freemasons?