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BitDefender Protection shield somehow damages outgoing AJAX/XHR request from browsers


Recently (about a week) I have problems with using certain web application which uses AJAX requests. After some investigation I found our that reson is BitDefender Protection shield. If I disable it everything works. But when it is enabled servers receive invalid payload.


  • Having the same issue.

    This typically happens when trying to login to some websites, the login and password fields just empty themselves and nothing else happens.

    What really irks me is that there is no warning whatsoever, it took me ages to figure out bitdefender was the culprit.

  • Twilight
    I don't use too many sites that use XHR but was just told by the site owner of one that Bitdefender is the issue with it not working. This is a pretty critical bug that's over 2 weeks old and with no announcement from Bitdefender as far as I can find.

    I'm up for renewal in about 1.5 months, maybe it's time to find a new security product...
  • Sempiterna
    edited August 2021

    Same here, which I noticed after rebooting today. Part of my website which loads items via AJAX requests are no longer loading anymore. I thought it was something with my website at first, but disabling the protection shield "fixes" it.

    This protection shield has been messing with some of my other sites as well for a much longer time, where for example all of the CSS markup was not loaded anymore, resulting in a visually crippled website. I think this has to do with the protection shield replacing the ssl certificate for every website in the browser by a CA called Bitdefender Personal CA. My websites use very strict SSL related headers, and it could be that something in there is messing things up.

    In any case, the Bitdefender application is not showing/logging anything at all about this, which it should if it blocks something.