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Why won't Bitdefender check for updates?

Just wondering why Bitdefender is stuck on 0% Checking for updates.....?
Not sure about "keeping your product updated so it can easily detect even the newest threats & keep your device & data safe".
I think it would need to be able to update to do that!
Anyone else having issues with Bitdefender Total Security updating?


  • Bitdefender is updating again now. If you don't have Auto Update turned on & Silent on as well, Bitdefender Total Security doesn't seem to update properly. Not sure what's the go with the update settings now. If Silent is turned off you get this window pop up with options to download stuff but some is greyed out....somewhat confusing I must say.
  • Suffering through this since August 23, 2021 when my subscription for 5 PCs renewed. ONly way around this is to use VPN Secure connection or cant update portableapps, accessing Con Edison site to pay electric bill or several other sites. I can still FTP and get to my office website use Pulse Secure client but thats it.

    Wish everyone the best of luck as uninstalling and reinstalling made no difference.