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I understand that Bitdefender has its roots in consumer products, but can those of us that use Bitdefender enterprise products get our own forum for feature requests, troubleshooting, tips & tricks, etc?

Its pretty aggravating joining this thinking that it might be a resource only to find that its clogged with consumer product issues - for example, conducting a simple search does not yield a single result containing "EDR". Searches for "Gravityzone" however do reveal that there is a demand for our own enterprise forum. Each time this has been mentioned, there has been a reply about how business users should just submit a ticket. Submitting a ticket is fine when I have an issue. But as an IT professional, if I simply submitted a ticket, or kicked the can down the escalation road every time I had an issue or a question, I would get nothing done. Not to mention how this approach stifles research & creativity - something the tech industry is built upon. Better yet, can you imagine if Microsoft took this same approach? Are you really implying that your own devs & engineers just submit a ticket when they have a question? Who do you guys submit tickets to when you do malware analysis? Something tells me that you don't.

Guys....You have a lot of good things going for your enterprise products. But you've got to do a better job separating consumer level thought processes, features, and offerings from enterprise stuff. There is a huge discrepancy between what you guys offer in terms of communication, transparency, control, & engagement, and what other enterprise products offer. Frankly, its holding you back when you should be taking products like Carbon Black or Crowdstrike & mopping the floor with them.

P.S. Where is the upvote button? How do you know what features your enterprise customers actually want?