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I recently asked support the following question and received the following answer:

Q: How do I Manage Spammers with subject lines, NOT email address or domain?

A: Unfortunately, with the Bitdefender Antispam module, you can only Manage Spammers by email address and domain name.


Example: you bank with Bank of America. You certainly want to receive your emailed statements, info about your accounts, etc. But you do NOT want to receive their constant spam about Auto Loans, Home Improvement Loans, etc. By not allowing classification of spam on subject keywords (I.e., "auto loans" "home improvement loans" etc, you are FORCED TO ACCEPT THEIR SPAM.

BitDefender - your product designer(s) are not innovative and in fact, very unintuitive about how the real world works. You need some new ones.



  • I agree! Not allowing the end user to specify keywords in the subject of an email to filter for spam prevention is weak. It makes your antispam tool far less effective that it should be.

    Are any efforts underway to address this missing feature?

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    While this could be a good option but I am totally unaware if any other vendor also has this option available in their respective anti spam. I am not saying there might not be, but none of which I am aware of.

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD - just in case I might not know, are you aware of any other vendor that provides such kinds of service in anti spam

    While this can be a great idea, the above tagged bitdefender staff members can help transfer your feedback to the department team.

    Additionally as far as I know this feature cannot be applicable in antimalware products since its limited to the service providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or whose so ever email service you are using.

    Checkout this post from Kaspersky :

    Even Kaspersky states that the spam emails can only be stopped by service providers of whom you are using the service from.

    The antimalware products can only protect you from the phishing and malicious websites blocking in case you click on an unrecognized link in the spam email.

    As far as your example of bank goes, no antimalware vendor can stop those emails, either you will have to setup the spam filter into your respective email service provider or contact the same organization to tell them to stop sending the unnecessary emails.

    The above stated link by Kaspersky also states as to how you can setup anti spam on Google, Apple or any other service provider whose services you are using.


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    Thank you @mrmirakhur for your insightful and comprehensive response. I am not aware of other antivirus providers offering this in their solution, but I'll ask our developers to find out what they think about it. I also suspect there is a limitation from the e-mail service.

    @HoosierGuy I'll follow up on the thread once I get a response.


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