Safe Files blocked a new process....

This message is pretty useless/frustrating for this event and in general for most events. The trigger here is access to a protected file. Great. What file? For this to be useful you have to know what file is being accessed? The fact that bash is executing may or may not be a problem ... the problem for BD is the file that is being accessed.

What is the file name??? That is what has to be addressed. I suppose I can block it, look at system logs see what is complaining. And maybe it will report what file it's complaining about. But that sounds like information BD would already have if its putting out the prompt.. Its the piece of information that is needed to correctly answer the prompt.

What I would like to see is a detail button that presents the process id of the process and the directory/file.ext of the file being accessed. Perhaps an action to remember : "For all future sessions of this process (don't block)." Perhaps read or write options would be desirable.

If this has been answered already please provide a link to the thread. I searched and reviewed categories but the categories are bit too generic to provide a reasonable narrowing to the problem.

Appreciate any other suggestions to resolve this issue.


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