COMPLETELY turn off marketing notifications

I don't want any notifications at all unless there is a detection or something isn't running.

in particular, i don't want the marketing crap that pops up occasionally. Is there any way to turn that off? I dropped McAfee because of this, I'll drop BitDefender just as quickly.




  • Ditto! Mike I see no one has answered you so I'm thinking there is no way to tame this most intrusive software. I bought it and I'm about to quit using it on all my devices, computers, tablets and phones. I had to quit using the VPN because it was blocking my online shopping sites. Jeeze.

    I'll give this a week to see if anyone answers then bye bye bitdefen

  • Hello @memyselfandi , hi @AnneK and welcome to the Bitdefender Community!

    There are multiple threads on this topics - we moderators try to make your voice heard and also answer to your queries.

    In this discussion you may find some answers:

    If nothing from there proves useful in turning off the notifications, kindly asking to reach for our Support team by visiting

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