Bitdefender Parental Control gone wrong

I'm a kid who was casually entering my online class using zoom meetings. My parents had set up bitdefender parental control on my Windows 10 computer. I was in chrome and clicked the link to the zoom meeting, but instead, a screen popped up and showed "You are not allowed to visit this page Your parents think this is not an appropriate website for you" when is literally just the link to my zoom class's zoom meeting. I asked my parents that did they block zoom meetings or did something related to blocking but they said they didn't do anything. I was able to access this link last week but not this week. I had two classes before this one that both used zoom meeting but was able to access them. In the end, I had to use an alternate way to enter the zoom meeting and ended up late. What and Why did bitdefender parental control block zoom when my parents did not block it and there was nothing wrong with it?


  • Mike_BD

    Hello @Peakfinity51 ,

    We have just released a Bitdefender Parental Control for Windows which adresses some older issues. Please make sure to update to latest version.



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