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BD TS 2020 Update


I have found that the best way users should go about updating BD TS from shutting their PC down (e.g. weekend away from work) is to go into Task Scheduler create new task, name task 'updcenter' (name of BD's update program), Location should automatically set to Microsoft\Windows\Bitdefender. Under Security Options in the General tab, be sure to check the box next to 'Run whether user is logged in or not' and, if the user is the Administrator (or businesses with Administrator rights should) check box next to 'Run with highest privileges' to ensure seamless performance. Also, make sure the Configure for field is set for your Operating System. Next, under the Triggers tab click 'New...' Choose 'At startup' in the Begin the task field. Click OK.

Until Bitdefender corrects this issue, I hope my approach helps.