Bitdefender GravityZone On Premise

I have Bitdefender GZ on premise "BEST" package installed on my Windows 2012 R2 file server. This package does not install a firewall since this is a file server so I am using the Windows 2012 R2 firewall that came with the OS.

The antivirus installs properly, the connection to the appliance is also okay. But after several days I get a red exclamation point next to this device on my management console. When I double click on the client icon in my windows 2012 R2 I see the following error message: "the connection to cloud services could not be established".

Then I disable the firewall the red exclamation point goes away after several minutes. When I reenable the firewall all is well then the red exclamation point comes back within a couple of days.

I have opened all the ports referenced in this article:

But the window's firewall is still blocking a process which is causing this issue.

Can anyone tell me which specific service or executable I need to whitelist?