How do you turn off the VPN feature in Bitdefender Antivirus plus

I have tried a search on this topic and I don't see anyone getting a working answer.

Problem: I have a subscription to a trusted VPN that is working just fine.

Bitdefender Antivirus plus gives a pop up occasionally saying my WiFi is vulnerable and wants me to buy its VPN.

I am getting connection dropouts also that seem to correspond with the Bitdefender pop up.

I'm happy enough with the Antivirus but never wanted a VPN with it.

No Bitdefender VPN is not listed in Windows 10 add / remove programs.

Apparently it is a requested feature to have an OFF for it, but I need a work round for now please.


  • Same problem as above. I already have VPN NORD and when i start banking, the VPN Birdefener stop the banking side.

    But i just go to the Controllpanel in Windows an uninstall it..Thats it..