Daily web threat attacks on my PC


Every day since Oct 30, BitDefender has been notifying me that it blocked at least one Web Threat on Port 80 of my Windows PC. The messages say:

"Web threat Attack.HTTP.NSE.1 detected on xxxxxxxx was blocked on Port 80"

where xxxxxxxx is a random collection of letters (see attached screenshot).

When this started on Oct 30th, there were also a series of attacks on the IP addresses used by my Eufy camera, my Tesla Powerwall, and my programmable thermostat. Those attacks were Exploit.InformationDisclosure, Exploit.HTTP.DirectoryTraversal, Exploit.CommandInjection, Attack.LocalFileInclusion, Attack.AuthBypass.Zong

Can you tell me anything more about these attacks, or what they mean? Is some individual trying to hack my PC everyday?

Thank you for any info or advice you can provide.