Incompatibility with Gaijin products

Hello, I am new here on the forums but I´ve got a problem.

I know Bitdefender aint at fault in this, since the product that keeps crashing just had a major update.

I am of course talking about War Thunder from Gaijin Entertainment. The keep keeps crashing to desktop without an error report. Whats this all got to do with Bitdefender you ask? Well, their solution on their forums seems to be to uninstall my Bitdefender Client since your products are incompatible.

This is what they say on their forums:

It would be of interest for the Bitdefender Team to look into this to get this solved as war Thunder is a pretty major game and it might impact sales of your Software. My suspicion is that the Ivans at Gaijin do not have their spaghetti code in order as this was never an issue before.

Its straight up bad business practices after having a major code update with v1.41 "Ground breaking" to behave like its not t