Will Bitdefender Free continue to exist?

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Good morning,
Will Bitdefender Free continue to be available for download and will it continue to be implemented?

Can you clarify?


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    Hello Nunzio,

    Over the past few years, the threat landscape has evolved at an accelerated pace. Ransomware, user tracking and data breaches have become the new normal. Our commitment to protect users against emerging threats and new attack avenues is stronger than ever, and our results in the latest independent tests are a testament to that. 

    We are retiring the ability to download Bitdefender Free Edition for Windows as of December 31. For existing users we will continue to provide detection capabilities and technical support until June, 30, 2022, but will not be enhancing the product with any new functionality updates. We do recommend migrating to one of our other products and to make the transition easier and to give you the best protection for your devices, we’ve created a limited special discount offer for Total Security subscription that you can use to avoid any disruption in your security protection.



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    Thank you for the clarification. All clear now!

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    It seems like the free version has already retired before december 31st.



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