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BD forces Windows 10 PC to restart frequently

edited January 2022 in General Topics

Hi there,

First time here. All along I have been using Norton 360 without any issues. Then decided to try BD and purchased the Family Protection with digital download. Tried to install at my desktop and ran into issue. Below is what I have done.

1) I uninstalled Norton using their Uninstall software and restarted the PC

2) Then I tried to install BD, but gave me an error message. Googled it to find out that I have to turn off Windows Real Time Protection. I did turn that off and was able to install BD. All went fine.

3) After completing, a message popped up (attached) saying Windows ran into an issue and PC will restart in 1 minute. This message comes up no matter how many times I restart.

4) Annoyed by this, I booted my PC to Safe Mode and removed BD.

Now what? I cannot get my money back as I bought this BD at Best Buy Canada and it is non refundable. Did chat with BD support and not useful. They asked me to record Support Tool Log. So I started that process and was installing BD and at the end, the same error message popped up and restarted my PC. The Support Tool Log didn't get saved!

I am fed up and decided to give it a try here. If no luck, I just have to suck it up and go back to Norton.