Coordination of Bitdefender Password Manager with Safepay and Wallet.

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I have been using and continue to use Bitdefender Safepay and Wallet for access to accounts on the Internet. I log into and access Wallet from within the Safepay window. I notice that the title bar in the Wallet now reads Password Manager. I would like to know how Password Manager is intended to work with Safepay and Wallet given that there are instructions on how to replace Wallet with Password Manager.



  • Hello @GerryPete,

    The new Password Manager is not yet compatible with Safepay. It works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari will soon follow.

  • Hi, Alexandrul, thanks for your response. I will watch for the updates.

  • Has this update been made yet? It's inconvenient to have to update my passwords in both Password Manager and Wallet (for use within Safepay).

  • I would like to import my passwords from LastPass into Bitdefender Password Manager but I understand that this feature still doesn’t work on Password Manager or at least on my system. I would be interested in knowing when a fix will be available for this feature.

  • Hello,

    Compatibility between Password Manager and Safepay is not yet on the roadmap and currently there are no plans to develop a secure browser integration.


  • I do my Stock trading with my bank on Safepay.I understand Safepay already shields all my sensitive financial data , like cc info, PW, etc .

    Does the Wallet feature do the same or does it offer additional protection regarding the abpve personal financial data, PW's ?



  • Update here: compatibility between Password Manager and Safepay is under development. ✌️