NordLocker was flagged as malicious

I recently downloaded and installed NordLocker from the Nord Account download page. After installation completed I got several alerts saying that malicious activity was detected and blocked. It identified several issues with NordLocker and isolated and quarantined files associated with it. Specifically C:\Program Files\NordLocker FS\unins000.dat and F:\NordLocker\unins000.dat. I installed it on a portable disk drive and was curious as to why the above files referred to C drive and F drive. Other files that were flagged and quarantined were C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\NordSec\NordLocker.lnk, C:\Program Files\NordUpdater\unins000.dat, and C:\Users\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\24crmgtx.jku\hnq10dca.u13\Publisher.hx1nrcf14q4exxmorjpnoblkw34ni0an\identity.dat. It also showed this message in the log:


Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender detected potentially malicious behavior and blocked all applications involved. Detection ID: SuspiciousBehavior.64146BAE3C107DE6

It also said Nordlocker SysTray.exe was Malware

Is anyone aware of this issue and could this be a false flag? One problem I have now is what to do next? I can't uninstall the program since the uninstall files have been quarantined. Should I create an exception to reactivate these files? If not how do I uninstall the suspect program?


  • Hi there I have Nord Locker on my device and Bitdefender is not picking anything up i suggest you check you are using the correct site and not a fraudulent one I am going to link u the site if this issue persists go to support technique requests and ask them there I am linking the official site below

    Thanks NoriiSun1

  • Thank you for your reply. I did install the software from their site. Nordlocker tech support suggested perhaps Bitdefender was red flagging it mistakenly and offered a solution might be to white list it. However a few weeks earlier I nearly lost all the data on my computer as my system would not boot up nor go into safe mode so I was very leery of trying this. That happened right after installing Nordlocker the first time. To Nordlockers credit they canceled my account and refunded me but that left me with Nordlocker still on my computer because Bitdefender quarantined the Uninstaller for the program and will not allow me to restore it to remove the software. Nordlocker didn't offer me any solutions other than a reinstall.