Android not recognising subscription

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When I try to install my Bitdefender Internet security from my laptop onto my Android phone by sharing the link, the phone downloads the app from Google Play and installs it fine but then doesn't recognise my subscription and I get a message that my mobile subscription has expired. I did have a different version of Bitdefender installed on the phone at one point and wonder if this is causing the issue.

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    Hello @Rusty6801 and welcome to the Community!

    Please note that Internet Security can protect Windows devices only. But as far as I noticed, you have an Antivirus Plus license and a separate Mobile Security for Android license on taylor****@*****.com.

    You have two accounts, one for each e-mail address and the first step would be to switch the account using the Android device, so that you can make sure it's connected to the Central account associated with the e-mail address .com as this is where the license is active. You can find detailed steps on how to switch the account below: Simply scroll down to the Android section.

    I hope this helps.

    (i have removed your second comment for privacy reasons, as it contained your e-mail addresses).

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