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Installation of total security transferring from one device to another as far as allocations


II had to subscriptions one for mobile iOS and I extend it to my Mac book air and I purchased total security five days later now I had they had to go ahead and delete my existing subscription for mobile device because the two subscriptions were interfering and I need the total security running on my MacBook Air and my iPhone and they’re both up-to-date and I’m having an issue with the subscription now at Central and managing my devices and following what they said it doesn’t work any ideas advice I would gladly and greatly appreciate thank you


  • It sounds like you may benefit from upgrading to Premium Security from Total Security. Premium Security will offer you more benefits for double the covered devices (10 instead of 5) and for the same cost as 2 Total Security subscriptions. Premium Security also includes Unlimited VPN and Multiplatform Password Manager at no extra cost (where you'd now have to pay separately to utilize them with Total Security).