Radium Liquidity mining pool for Solana Blockchain (https://raydium.io/pools/) shows a

Hi, I was attempting to use the https://Raydium.io/ liquidity mining pool but Bitdefender kept giving me the following virus warning:

Suspicious web page detected
4 minutes ago

Online Threat Prevention

The webpage https://creatorpro.live/ has been detected as suspicious. Although the page is not blocked, it is not recommended to continue browsing this page. Accessed by: brave.exe
Add to exceptions

Does anyone know whether this mining pool actually has a virus or whether it is a false positive?


  • Hi @D2021 and welcome here!

    In general, these kind of pages present a high(er) risk for any user accesing. If OTP detected that, than it is for your own safety not to access it. It is , of course, you decision.

    Many of the mining pools and/ or mining software (e.g. even Nicehash, which is a very known one) are regarded suspicios by all the respectable AV vendors. We are trying to provide the safest solutions for the mass customer base and cannot risk them being exposed.



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