How to manage subscriptions in Bitdefender Central - The essentials

In the following article you will find detailed information on how to manage the Bitdefender subscriptions in the Central account. A single Central account now supports the activation and usage in parallel of multiple subscriptions valid for the same Bitdefender product, or even for different products, with the scope to protect more devices.

Besides activation, here you will find out how to check the expiration date of your subscriptions, how to check the number of seats available for protection, how to add extra slots to your subscriptions and how to allocate devices from one subscription to another.

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  • I want to cancel my Bitdefender Password Manager subscription how do I do this please??

  • Hello @Glenyce and welcome to the Community!

    I have noticed you have not subscribed to Password Manager, but you are using the trial version. When the trial period ends, this will actually cancel the service.

    Best regards.

  • Hello,

    I subscribed my friend with Bitdefender Internet Security, but when i click on "Install Bitdefender products on this device" via Bitdefender central it`s start to download and install the product. After the installation was complete, he asked me for an activation code that I didn't know where to get. I click on the "I want to use a trial version (or free version button, i don`t remember exactly)" and in the Bitdefender central is appear second subscription with Total security. I have no idea how this happened. Now she have 2 subscriptions but only one is payed. The second subscription have trial mark and says "this subscription will expire on 15 March 2022". Is this the same problem like Glenyce from the above comment and after the trial period ends, will this cancel the subscription without automatic renewal?

  • Hello @Fanatic69,

    I noticed you have an Internet Security subscription valid until September 2023. Automatic billing is disabled for this subscription. Currently, there is no active trial on your account. Check the e-mail address used for Central login and the one displayed in the product as well. It should be the same address that you are using here. You have 3 devices covered out of 3 slots available for protection and in the event you have attempted to protect a 4th device, you will indeed be required to enter an activation code, as your subscription has reached its device limit.

    But once the subscription is active, the activation code is no longer needed in the installation process, as all installations are managed directly from your Bitdefender Central account.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

    Stay safe.

  • How do we renew a Bitdefender Box2 Total Security subscription after the first year has expired please?

    The renewal process from within the central dashboard only allows for the US and Puerto Rico so I cannot enter a post code here in the UK.

  • [{"insert":"RESOLVED:\nMy colleague received an email 30 days prior to expiry with a link to renew the service. This was an easy process to obtain an activation code and apply it to the Box.\nBut why can't this be done from the central app?\n"}]
  • Hello @CyberSpider and welcome to the Community!

    I have reproduced this behavior, thank you very much for reporting the situation.

    This will be fixed shortly and you will be redirected to the correct localization.

    Please try to renew a bit later on and if you are still encountering difficulties, you may reach our Support Teams for assistance, by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

  • How do I stop automatic renewal? I had renewed the protection but did not intend to renew the VPN. My card was charged for an automatic renewal for the VPN service. I called customer support and they said they would get back to me by email. I have looked over my account pages and can not find where I would have been able to cancel this renewal.

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    Hi @Wdosh :)

    Try Method 1 from the link below, and see if that helps.

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

  • Hi,

    May be a silly question but how do I increase the number of licenses we have on our account?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Scott
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    Hi @AndyBowers :)

    My advice would be to contact support from one of the 3 options. They would be able to help you as far as what they could work out for you :)

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

  • I need to cancel my up coming subscription. I started a new subscription on 2-8-22

  • Gjoksi
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  • @Alexandru_BD well, I did change over to Premium Security after family pack expired and followed the reallocation instructions. It's very straightforward. The only thing with the expired family pack, the only option that shows up under the Manage button is view service details. There was no drop down choice for: manage device allocation . However, I did see this option under both premium vpn and premium security. Switching went smoothly. Though Total Security is what shows for the pc, all other devices are showing Premium Security.


  • @wirywrestler yes, Total Security is at the core of Family Pack and Premium Security as well. The main difference between the three is that Family Pack offers more slots for protection and Premium Security is essentially a bundle with an unique configuration that covers up to 10 devices and includes Premium VPN and the newly launched Password Manager.

    I am glad to hear the switch went smoothly 😊


  • I think I have a password subscription. I would like to cancel it.

    Reason: It may have caused some incorrect login attempts. I found one case where the ID and PW were confused.

    In addition, there is no option, that I have found to provide the password, when the ID is provided.

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  • BigG28
    edited August 2022

    I cannot sign into BitDefender Central through either Chrome or Edge on my desktop. Both are up to date. I get the login screen, enter my email address, get the password screen and enter my password, and immediately I get the login screen again. Occasionally the "Enter your notification preferences" pop-up (or something like that) flashes for 1/2 second and it's back to the login screen. I was able to enter Central only through my Android phone using Firefox.

    I tried changing my password and that worked, but I still can't log in.

    What's going on?

  • Gjoksi
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    Do you have 2FA enabled from e-mail?

    If so, you can check this post about that issue and read my comment in the post here (click on "View Post"):

    So, only @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD (they both work for Bitdefender) can help you with the issue, as they can temporarily disable the 2FA to allow access.

    Also, i would recommend you to enable 2FA from 2FA application (like Authy, Google Authenticator etc.), instead from e-mail, because like i already said in my prevoius comments, i use Authy and never had any problems logging to Bitdefender Central from Authy.


  • Hello @BigG28 and welcome to the Community!

    I have temporarily disabled the 2-Factor Authentication to allow the login. Kindly try again to login and let us know the result. Don't forget to re-enable this additional layer of security for your account, once the login is successful.

    Thank you @Gjoksi for the heads-up! 😊


  • Thanks for doing that, but it was happening before I enabled it (I thought maybe it NEEDED to be enabled so I did it from my phone), and it's still happening now that you disabled it. I tried clearing the cache and the cookies, and now I can't log into answer this at all on my computer. I'm using my phone right now, the only thing that works. Now what?

  • Hi,

    Try another browser for login in incognito mode on that device and reset your password as well. Let us know how it goes.


  • Sorry to be a pain about this. I used Private Mode on Edge and WAS able to log in to this community. I was also able to change my password and log in to Central. When I tried logging in to Central on Chrome NOT in Incognito Mode with the new password, I got stuck in the login loop again, however I was able to sign in to this community.

  • Hi,

    The Central account does not appear to be locked and the 2FA is disabled for now. This should allow the login. I just tested the Central link myself and the page is displayed correctly and there have been no similar reports, as far as I'm aware. If the situation persists, I would recommend contacting the Technical Teams for further assistance. More information from the device is required, in the event the usual troubleshooting steps such as incognito mode/other browsers and clear cache/cookies do not return the expected result.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Let us know how it goes and what was the root cause in your case.


  • Hello -- I got in touch with the engineer support team as you outlined above. I got a response from them this morning which said:

    I have looked into the case and it seems that the situation is caused by an issue that has already been acknowledged by our development team. We are currently working on a fix that will be done by means of an automatic update and won't require any additional action on your end.

     I will get back to you with an update regarding the fix as soon as we have one.

  • Alright, so this is a known issue. Thanks for sharing. So we had no chance to resolve this on the forum no matter how hard we tried 😅

    I hope it gets fixed soon.


  • Beware of Bitdefender scams. I just got charged twice for my renewal and there is nothing I can do about it. I purchased my subscription in June 2021 for an introductory price. I knew it would renew at the normal price a year later and that was OK. I got an email nine months later (March) asking me to renew early at the intro price again so I did so. The charge hit my credit card and I got the key to extend my subscription. Lo and behold, in June of 2022, they charged my credit card again for the normal renewal! When this thing expires in 2023, I will go with another service like PCmatic. Never again with Bitdefender.

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    You can stop the auto-renewal for the Bitdefender subscription, by following these steps:

    Just follow the steps as described in Method 1, because some users in the past reported that the steps from Method 2 didn't stop the auto-renewal.

    From my personal experience, Method 1 did and still does the job for stopping the auto-renewal.

    Also, you can stop the auto-renewal for the Bitdefender subscription by contacting Customer Support at:

    [email protected]

    Finally, you may obtain a refund by contacting:

    [email protected]

    within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.


  • Hello @oldvet50,

    I believe there is a misunderstanding here. You have purchased the Total Security antivirus and the Premium VPN as a bundle order back in July 2021. Then, you have disabled the automatic renewal feature for the antivirus on July 2nd 2022, as you have renewed manually on May 19th 2022. However, the Premium VPN from the initial order being a separate product, it has its own billing cycle as well and since the automatic renewal feature was not disabled for it, the subscription was renewed on the due date. So, there was no double charge, as the automatic renewal applied for the VPN and not the antivirus which you have already renewed.


  • Hello. I have Bitdefender total security subscription for 5 devices. However in my devices on bitdefender central, the fifth device (iphone) appears as FREE protection. The device details shows:

    But i only have 5 devices on my account, 4 are protected and 1 isnt. How can I fix this?

  • Gjoksi
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    In simple words, your subscription needs to be "refreshed".

    But, ONLY Bitdefender staff can have access to your Bitdefender Central account, your devices, your payments/purchases and/or your subscription(s).

    So, you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with Bitdefender Consumer Support.

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!

    Also, @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD (they both work for Bitdefender) can take a look here and help you with the issue. You can PM them.

    Please note that it will be necessary to re-install protection on all devices.

    First, uninstall Bitdefender from all devices by following the steps described in the article below:

    Once you complete the uninstall process, install Bitdefender on all your devices, by following these steps:


  • Hello @ben86ch,

    You could also try to "refresh" and sync the Bitdefender app with the Central account once again by using the 'Switch account' feature.

    Open the Bitdefender Mobile Security app installed on your iPhone or iPad, tap ••• More on the bottom navigation bar and choose My Account. There, tap logout, re-enter your Central account credentials and login. This should sync Bitdefender with the Total Security subscription and your iPhone should display the Web protection feature available to use.

    This should normally fix it, I've noticed that you have 5/5 slots occupied, including an iPhone. If the sync doesn't work as expected, then you can reinstall protection on your devices one at the time.

    In the event the device limit message persists afterwards, it will be necessary to contact the Support teams for a more detailed investigation.

    Let us know how it goes.



  • Thank you Alex, this was very usefull