Mobile Security Keeps Stopping (On android)

With last update 14 February, Mobile Security no longer works or opens and keeps stopping, prompts to close the app repeatedly. Anybody has this issue too?


  • Same problem for me after the update today 2022/02/14. Impossible to do manual scan and the application stops. ( used on Samsung Galaxy tab S3 ). Before the update it was working well.

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S21. I just ran a manual scan successfully, so whatever your issues are, they are not affecting all Android devices. Good luck and have a great day.



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  • I uninstalled it since there is no way it opens or works, crashes repeatedly, even android prompts to put it to sleep for its endless crashes.

  • @garioch7 Did you update it to today (February 14) update?

  • I uninstalled, turned the phone off & charged it about 1 hour, then turned it on, installed mobile security again, & now it works fine. Still don't have idea why that problem happened after updating.

  • Hi,

    I have checked with the developers and there are no signs of concern after the latest update.

    @Bitfender and @Coco_Lechat38 please let us know if the situation persists. If you are still encountering difficulties, I would recommend to get in touch with our engineers for troubleshooting.

    I have an IOS and could not reproduce this..

    Best regards.

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  • @Alexandru_BD Thanks, as I mentioned I don't have the problem anymore today. The only difference was that when I installed Mobile Security again, I updated it with VPN on. Is that the real reason? I don't know.

  • I succeeded today to update the application via Google play. Bitdefender seems runnings well. No problem to scan files and web protection is active. Maybe it was pertubate by Valentine's day ;-) It doesn't stop anymore without reasons. Best regards.

  • Hello guys and thank you for sharing the outcome with us.

    Well, it's difficult to say what could have been the root cause in this case, sometimes logs must be analyzed by the engineers to pronounce ourselves.

    I'm glad to hear it was resolved and the Community is at your disposal, should you encounter any issues in the future 😊


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  • As of my last update - 24 - January - 2023, on a Samsung Galaxy S9, mobile security keeps stopping. The Android "maintenance" program now asks if I want to get rid of the program, to increase security and reduce battery use. I have not yet had time to investigate its behaviour properly.

    I note that this seems similar to the top mail in this group.

  • Hello @Neil S,

    This behavior might be encountered on Android devices, because some battery optimization mechanisms are so aggressive that they kill useful background apps when the screen turns off to maximize your smartphone’s battery life.

    This impacts most of the apps that run in the background. Most affected are 3rd party alarm clocks, automation apps, and especially apps that need to work even when you are not actively using your smartphone. The latter category also includes Bitdefender’s Web Protection. Web Protection loses the Accessibility permission required to function when the Android system force stops background applications.

    This is why an alert has been implemented warning that another service has disabled Web Security and needs to be enabled again.

    Check if the below article helps:


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