What does it take to STOP getting spammed by Bitdefender?

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I keep turning off ads, notifications, promotional offers, anything I can find and everything I've been instructed to do over the "YEARS" that I've been using "Total Security", but despite this, I'm still getting SPAMMED by this #*@& software. Short of turning off notifications all together which would make this software completely useless. How can I stop getting "harassed" with promotional offers and ads for things I don't need nor want. I just renewed again 'despite' this, almost didn't but having a family pack subscription, thought it was too much of a hassle. Today I'm thinking of just taking this recent renewal as a loss and start to move away to another product. I JUST WANT TO STOP THIS CONSTANT PAIN IN *** nonsense. Bitdefender needs to get the hint, I don't want to buy your VPN, I don't want to buy or use your bloody password manager. Its pretty bad when the company you purchased software from to be protected from SPAM is the one spamming and harassing you with ads. Can somebody please give the steps to turn off promotional offers and ads within the Total security application other than turning off security notification.


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    Special offers under settings is already OFF, as is the recommendation notifications, and has been for Years, confirmed its still off. Despite this still got the almost full screen pop up today to purchase the new password manager. At least I haven't seen the "you need to use our VPN to be safe, with a link to buy the VPN" (despite already being connected to a VPN) pop in in quite some time. Guessing the "password manager ad" is going to be the new adware from Bitdefender.
  • Hello @WiseyD and welcome back to the Community.

    I regret to hear of this inconvenience and I'll do my best to help you here.

    If you are refering to the "what's new" pop-up message, this is supposed to be displayed only once. If you are experiencing a recurrent message, then we'll have to take a closer look. Can you post a screenshot displaying the notification when it pops up? As you have mentioned above, there are several notifications available and we need to identify the one that bothers you, so I can further advise. The recommendation for password manager is not a pop-up, not an add, it is not an "external trigger", it does not interfere with anything else, it is just being displayed in the recommendation section.

    Best regards.

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  • This sw is total junk, especially the "bait and switch" issue with VPN. Used it for half a day and the "meter ran out".

    Wanted me to pay extra! to keep it running. I will cancel and if I don't get a refund, will contest my credit card charges. TOTAL JUNK!! Crapdefender won't load, some sites can't be reached, and that includes Google!!

    Hate this crap!!

  • Hello @chazculva and welcome to the Community!

    I'm sorry to hear this, let me help you out here.

    Bitdefender VPN is included by default in your Bitdefender product on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It offers 200 MB daily traffic per device and automatically connects you to the optimal server, without having the possibility to change it. With the Bitdefender Premium VPN subscription you get unlimited traffic and the option to connect to any available server, so you'll have access to an extensive network of virtual locations all over the world.

    There is also the Premium Security package that includes the Premium VPN (essentially, it is composed out of Total Security + the VPN with unlimited traffic).

    Regarding the websites that won't load, we need to find out what module is blocking them and for what reason.

    Check the article below for detailed instructions on how to resolve this and let me know if the websites can be accessed successfully afterwards:

    If you are still encountering difficulties after following these steps, let us know and we'll further investigate.

    Best regards.

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  • Hello All,

    Same problem here, same settings and at least once a day I'll get that pop-up on all my devices. It's really annoying, specially when in the middle of a project or presentation. Can this be fixed please?

    With kind regards.

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    On the Password Manager pop-up notification issue, check out this comment:

    As a workaround, you could try the following:

    Open your Bitdefender program, go to Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and enable/activate "Work Profile" or "Game Profile".

    When "Work Profile" or "Game Profile" is enabled/activated, all Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups are disabled, but can't be sure if it will disable this particular notification.


  • Hi Gjoksi,

    Thank you for your replay, sadly enough the use off a profile itself can be activated, but "Work", "Game" of "Movie" can't be switched on. So my hope is that the fix will be deployed soon. Ps. I'm working with

  • Hello @Brechje,

    If you are encountering difficulties activating the profiles, kindly check if the firewall's Alert mode is enabled. When Alert mode is turned on, the Profiles feature is automatically switched off.


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  • Here we go "AGAIN" with the ADS for services popping up in the notification tray from Bitdefender

    When does a anti-malware, anti-virus program become adware? Why does Bitdefender feel they can use their products to SPAM their paying customers. This is a betrayal of trust, I'm not paying to be served ads, I even have offers and suggestions turned off in settings. I had this happen a few months ago and now its happening again. I contacted support and they tell me THEY CAN'T TURN IT OFF but don't worry "you'll only get it a few times".

    What is the purpose of having 'special offers' and 'recommendation notifications' turned off in settings if Bitdefender is just going to bypass it and push ADS out to their customers anyway.

    How can you continue to trust a company that decides to just ignore the wishes of their customers and continue to spam them. If you go to a website and get a pop up ad, that's one thing. When you purchase a product that's supposed to protect you and its used to bypass your wishes, your own protection to PUSH ADS DIRECTLY TO YOUR DESKTOP is that really developing trust? Betraying a position of trust.

    I would post a screenshot or attach it to this post showing the AD and my settings with special offers and recommendation notifications turned off but I'm getting an error that states "You have to be around a little while longer before you can post links". I was posting on this thread back in Feb and here we are again, same issue, been a customer for years, not sure how long I've been a member of this forum, but I can't be trusted to attach an image but its ok for them to PUSH some ADS to my desktop against my wishes. How long before they just remove the option to turn off "recommendation" and "special offers" all together. They push them anyway regardless of the 'end users' settings. Bitdefender is abusing their position of trust to push ADS directly to their customers devices and I predict its going to get worse. Bitdefender is turning into ADWARE that YOU pay for.

  • Hello @WiseyD,

    Regarding the Password Manager notification, check my reply on this thread here:

    Let's keep the discussion thread based please, as it can become difficult to follow if the same information is posted on different threads.

    Thank you!

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