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I have installed Bitdefender for Android and have a question regarding the scanning in the app.

I noticed that it only scans the installed apps and not the system files....?!

I have been using Kasperky and during a full scan it scans also the Android system files....

Is there a setting i have missed or is scanning the system files not included in Bitdefender.

I am thinking of using Bitdefender and was trying it out..

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  • Hello @Kempie and welcome to the Community!

    Bitdefender Mobile Security scans all installed applications and .apk files. There are a few system paths we do not scan as: 1. System applications SHOULD not be infected; 2. Applications installed in those locations cannot be uninstalled anyway.

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  • Hey Alexandru,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I just bought Total Security and was testing it on my phone now and have a question, can you set a full scan scope or does the program do a full scan after an update....



  • Hi Alexandru,

    So you're saying that Bitdefender just decides by itself that the users don't need to know if there's a malicious system app in their device?? So what if such an app cannot be uninstalled?? maybe the user can use a custom rom...or maybe change the phone itself. Or what if the user is using a custom rom and can change it if its not safe to use?? Other products like Avast, Sophos do a full system scan, so why can't Bitdefender?? Why would it take a shortcut? and not even let the users know when its doing so straight forward in the app description on Google playstore...

  • Kempie
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    Hey Alexandru,

    I totaly agree with Sohan.... On my tablet (tab S3) i have LineageOS from xda and still using Kaspersky because of the fact that Bitdefender doesn't scan everything.

  • Flexx
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    As told earlier that bitdefender for android will only scan for installed applications. Also it will scan for any .apk file setup available on your smartphone.

    The option for full scanning that is available in kaspersky is not available in bitdefender for android and it also does not makes any sense to introduce it.

    You need to understand that if by chance, lets say, kaspersky detects any malware within the system files in full scan, still it will not be able to remove or uninstall that system file since it is a system file belonging to android OS & the android will not allow to make any changes to it's OS by any third party application.

    Those malware detected in system files can only be deleted if you root your android which bypasses all the security restrictions and rooting the android poses various risk.

    So, having a full system scan is totally useless and not at all needed.

    And as far as custom rom is concerned, bitdefender is only developed to work with the original android OS and not the customized android OS.


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