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Discrepancy between Android mobile bitdefender security and central about web protection

Before I start a ticket, I'm trying to find out if anyone else has or has had this issue. My android tablet samsung s6 lite mobile app shows web protection is on for all installed browsers. Yet central says web protection is an issue and has been turned off on my Android tablet. I did check the settings and they are correct. Not sure when this started as I just noticed today. I was using Edge Canary which is not supported as it didn’t show up in the list of browsers. I deleted Canary and installed Edge instead which is one of the listed. It does show as protected. Does Central take time to refresh itself? I don't think it should have made a difference whether I use Canary or Edge. Just for clarification, Microsoft provides 4 browser versions on Android - Edge, Beta, Developer, and Canary Edge (also a beta version of sorts).
Any ideas?


  • Hello @wirywrestler,

    It appears that similar reports were received by the Technical Teams, indeed. They are currently gathering information on this. May I kindly ask you to raise a ticket for the engineers to have a look and further advise?


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • @Alexandru_BD Thank you. Done
  • @wirywrestler Thank you very much!


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Has there been any resolution to this issue?

  • @Laura_G , no not yet. I still have an open ticket regarding this
  • @Laura_G @Alexandru_BD yes, this has been resolved. Quite simple too and it worked. The instructions I received

    Please remove the device from your Central account and add it again:
    - Access your Bitdefender Central account by clicking here
    - Click on My Devices
    - Click on View Details under the device you wish to remove
    - Click on Remove from the upper right
    - Check again Remove to confirm the action

    1. Open Bitdefender from your mobile device;
    2. Tap More icon from the bottom of the screen
    3. Tap Logout from upper right
    4. Enter your Bitdefender Central credentials (email and password)