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How come I do not see the Password Manager on both Fireofx and Chrome?

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I have installed the extension/addon in both browsers but I do not see any existence of the Password Manager anywhere. Am I missing something?

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  • Beibit
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    Thanks Alexandru

    This did help. Pinned the Password Manager in Chrome. I like it in Firefox in that it is completely hidden until you come to pages where you are asked for your credentials and then it becomes visible in the form fields.

    I appreciate this. Thanks,



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Beibit and welcome to the Community!

    In the Google Chrome browser, the extensions are hidden by default, making them harder to spot. To access the Password Manager icon, first click on the small jigsaw puzzle icon near the address bar. The “Extensions” menu will appear, displaying all your enabled add-ons. You can pin the Bitdefender Password Manager add-on to the toolbar so that it always remains visible by clicking the pushpin icon next to it.

    Let us know if this was helpful.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Rebex

    Hi, I have just searched chrome and it does not appear to have an extension for Bitdefender password manager in the search results!!

    Please can someone say what I am doing wrong!

  • Davred

    Had created and saved the CSV file from my "wallet" but was unable to see the Password manager Icon so could not get into the settings to import the saved CSV.

    Clicked on the mini puzzle icon and saw Total security in and pinned and Password manager was there but not pinned. Clicked, now pinned and file imported.

    Your colleagues were telling me to click on the chrome menu, go to tools then extensions, where it shows Password Manager but no ability in that to get to the settings and "import"

    Many thanks.

  • Sloane

    I'm using firefox and when I click on the Password manager extention (top right) a box opens, shows a a larger key that disappears and leaves an empty box. THE END.

  • Gjoksi
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  • SteveS
    SteveS ✭✭

    I've been checking out the Bitdefender Password Manager add-on for browsers (Windows) today & I noticed something I think is a bit strange. Firstly I realized I hadn't installed the add-on in Chrome & Edge, so I opened & updated Chrome, then opened the Chrome web store (in Chrome) & searched for Bitdefender Password't come up. I then opened & updated Edge & did the same in the Microsoft App store...same't come up as an add-on in the search results.

    So...I opened up Bitdefender Security, clicked on the "Open in Central" button in Password Manager...which opens it in Firefox (default browser). I click on the Password Manager "Addons" button for Chrome, it opens a page in Firefox with a prompt "To open in Chrome" because you need Chrome open to install the addon...makes sense, so I click on that button & Firefox opens a new page where I can download Chrome from...which I already have installed...very handy. So I ignore that, copy the address for it & paste it directly into Chrome, & low & behold...what do we have...Bitdefender Password Manager Add-on available to install. I did the same for Edge & get the same result. So I now have the Password Manager installed on Firefox, Chrome & Edge.

    Why doesn't it show up in either Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Apps store if you search for Bitdefender Password Manager? Why do you have to have a specific link to even see it? Why does Bitdefender pay people to market their products? I do not know...but I hope for the last one, it's not a lot 😁 because if it is...they are getting ripped off.

    Here's some screenshots for the records.

    Where is it?

    It doesn't exist!

    Oh...yes it just need to know how to find it...& why not limit your market exposure at the same

    I should work in marketing 😁

  • SteveS
    SteveS ✭✭

    Must be a security issue...ha!

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @SteveS,

    The Password Manager extension is not publicly available at the Chrome Web store or Microsoft Apps store and it will not come up during a search, because it requires a Central account and a subscription to function. It would be pointless to display it there, since it's a subscription-based service and cannot be used otherwise, so it was made available for Bitdefender customers directly in the Central account.

    Off topic, a video guide for Password Manager has been recently launched on the Bitdefender YouTube channel and you can check it out below:


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user