Verbose Firewall Logs


I was recently alerted that one of my machines was port scanned while connected to a network. However, the alert in the dashboard is lacking any useful details other that the IP that scanned the machine. I would like to know the other datapoints that would have caused this alert to trigger such as what ports were scanned etc. Where can I find bitdefender's verbose firewall logs?

So far, I am unable to find any files that look like the firewall log. If they don't exist or Bitdefender has removed the users access to them, I will be immediately moving to another product and no longer recommending bdf.

I am using bitdefender total security on Windows 10.

Any and all help is appreciated!


  • Hello @Ig88,

    Based on your description of the situation encountered, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

  • Ig88
    edited March 2022

    Technical Support didn't even read my question and proved to be utterly useless. Not too happy with Bitdefender at the moment. Going to migrate to a more supportive solution.