How can I prevent my kids to by-pass the parental control using a pop-up

I limit my kids screentime using the parental control function in the Totalsecurity package, but the kids have found a way to get their screentime without the app counting the time, they open the app (youtube for example) in a pop-up and then they can watch it as long as they want, same goes for other apps. Has anybody else noticed this, and has anybody found a way to prevent this.

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  • Hello @belgianguy and welcome to the Community!

    This sounds like a known issue with the app blocking bypass by using split screen. The developers are working on a fix that will be deployed automatically with the next release. We don't have an ETA yet, but it's work in progress.

    Thank you for your patience.

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  • Hello Support, please can we have a status on where are we with a fix on this? It's been 2 year.

    This is a significant loophole and my kids have found out about it…


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    @Herc ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. I am pinging @Alexandru_BD , the Forum Administrator, to request he provide an update to you. He should be back to work tomorrow.

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  • Hi,

    What I can tell you is that further development has been halted for the existing Parental Control feature and a revised, overhauled new version is in the works. As such, this loophole has not been resolved yet, but we are waiting for the upgraded version to bring a few solid improvements over the existing one.

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  • Following up on this thread, this just came in:

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