Would like a warning if a new Website is added to my Chrome Push Notification list

Recently I started receiving suspicious Chrome push notifications. They came daily and were warning me that something bad would happen to my phone and gave me a link to click on to fix it. Since the website was tapplant.ru (which is Russia), and the messages sounded fishy I didn't click on it. I checked my Chrome push lists and did find that the site was in my allow list, so I moved it to the disallow list.

This seems like a new way to hack phones or PCs. Chrome never asked if adding tapplant.ru to the Push allow list was ok, so there must have been some virus that added it. Bitdefender could check such allow lists and warn when a new website is appears. I ran Bitdefender scans when the push notifications started, and nothing was ever found, so as of now we have no protection against such attacks.

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  • tapplant.ru is sending me notifications about my anti virus security, click here, i closed it. No ties with Russia.

  • Hello,

    You can simply ignore the push notifications telling you that your phone is infected or that something awful is going to happen, because it's just a "scare tactic". You can also unsubscribe from such push notifications by following the steps described in the below article:

    I hope the information is helpful.

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