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Threat Detected?!


Hey just a mom here with my home laptop. I keep getting this small pop up "Threat detected". It messes with my keystrokes and is very distracting. I have run a scan on my laptop to see if these threats are a major concern, but nothing is showing up. Is there a threat? It has notified me over 100 times in a short period of time. It does show me a website address, but I don't recognize it. Can I somehow block this address? I don't have any windows open for a page to be detected. This is message from Bitdefender:

Online Threat Prevention

The webpage has been detected as suspicious. Although the page is not blocked, it is not recommended to continue browsing this page.

Accessed by: Honeygain.exe

Please help-Carolemm



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @carolemm and welcome to the Community!

    This situation is most likely caused by the fact that the website in the notification has an expired certificate.

    If you do not visit the website and you still receive these notifications, then your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. You can find these steps here:

    Alternatively, you can add an exception for the website in Bitdefender - Protection - Online Threat Prevention - Manage Exceptions, or, from the same area (Online Threat Prevention) - disable the Encrypted Web Scan feature which scans for the certificates of websites (not a recommended action).

    (Go to Protection > Click the Settings button in the ONLINE THREAT PREVENTION module > Turn off Encrypted Web Scan).

    Let us know if the information was helpful.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user