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I should have listened to my inner thoughts that if it took TWO HOURS and 6 phone calls JUST TO PURCHASE B.D.! Now I see that getting help is going to take an act of congress. Glad I got the big discount because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...I will not pay for it next year and go with another company!

Support #:  1007314635 don't even bother to respond to this.


  • Mike_BD

    Hello @Frobine and welcome to our Community!

    Sorry to hear you've started your journey with us on the wrong foot, but let's see if myself and @Alexandru_BD can give a hand.



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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Frobine,

    I have noticed that one of our Support representatives provided a response for your inquiry.

    We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to convey our apologies in regards to the inconvenience you have encountered.

    Kindly be advised that the response timeframe may vary between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the number of incoming requests that are handled by the Support Teams. Delays may occur, due to unforseable events, such as outages or an increased number of contacts. Thank you for your understanding.

    Please reply on the open Support ticket and the engineers will provide further asisstance.

    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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