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The popup problem...


I can't believe there's a complaint that was posted almost 2 years ago posted by Mic4680 with 6 pages of discussions and the only solution we get is that us customers have to delete the unprotected file by themselves. If you haven't noticed, you could have saved so many customers by giving us the option to not see the notifications, instead of pushing the marketing and interfering them from doing whatever they were doing.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @KR_Mo and welcome to the Community!

    There are indeed several ongoing discussions regarding the notifications and following the feedback we received from our members, the notification behavior and frequency is being optimized by the developers as we speak.

    There are various types of notifications and these are an important tool in monitoring and managing your Bitdefender protection. Some notifications cannot be disabled, as they are an instrumental part of the antivirus protection and are designed to alert the user of possible threats and ensure proper functionality. Depending on type and severity, notifications are grouped in critical, warning and information events. Other notifications are recommendations for security features you can use to boost your defenses. The product also offers notifications regarding updates and other events. Some financial websites are prompting you to open Safepay, Bitdefender’s browser. When a banking site is accessed, Safepay is set to notify you through a pop-up in the lower right corner of your desktop. While useful for protecting sensitive, credit card data while doing internet banking, e-shopping, and other types of online transactions, sometimes Safepay notifications can be irritating. Other notifications can be triggered by expired certificates of websites that you are accessing.

    Notifications is a broad term and if you wish to disable a specific notification, we must first know what triggers it. There is always a reason or a purpose for a notification to be displayed. However, if certain notifications are displayed in a succesive manner that steals focus and a pattern emerges, there could indeed be an issue that requires a more detailed investigation by the engineers and for such cases, usually logs from the machine in question are required.

    If possible, kindly share with us more information concerning the notification type, message displayed, frequency and screenshots, if available and I will do my best to help.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user